Important Bagatelles Dolls

All these Dolls and Faces are made with an assortment of plastic, like vintage Tupperware and several other household and baby products, which were discarded by someone at one point.

green music man bagatelles dolls

Music Doll

The minty green doll, Green Music Man, doubles as a music box, just pull the orange cord an you’ll hear Beethoven’s Für Elise play.

important bagatelles dolls

Swedish Face

Again, this face is made with discarded, vintage plastics, mounted on glass. It’s named the Swedish Face. Same as the other dolls the mouth is just round and open.

pink important bagatelle girl backside

Girl Doll

A.k.a. The Robot Doll, the backside, is approx 70 cm tall. She comes with the metal meat-hook. If you want the more friendly ‘pastel’ experience Mimi suggests that you use a different device to hang her onto your wall.

pink important bagatelle face

Pink Face



These dolls and faces are a small sidestep from Mimi Berlin’s ‘Important Bagatelles’ or ‘Toys for Girls’ project. A sidestep in the sense of that these aren’t abstract objects. Also they are visibly assembled and each product used by Mimi is still identifiable.

The thing is though If we make even more sidesteps, we eventually have to change these ‘sidesteps’ into the main project. We’ll deal with that later on, anyhow; all the ‘sidesteps’ are designed with discarded plastic objects like toys and household products. All gathered at our ‘garbage-treasure’ hunts.

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