Kitty Necklace

About Kitty Necklace

The Kitty Necklace is a design by Mimi Berlin Bijoux created with salvaged materials: plastic and silver. The plastic beads were discarded by a child at one point and the silver chain is gifted to us by Kitty, it’s a so called attic treasure. The silver lockets and our little logo-tag are new.


Mimi Berlin Bijoux decided to use the decorative silver ‘Haferkorn” chain to string the plastic beads and delicious food-charms together into a necklace suitable for adults. Presenting these beads, and in particular the lovely, detailed charms, in the way they should be presented: with respect with precious metal.

How to order

You can choose from a limited edition of 10 necklaces, they are all one-of-a-kind. The available colors are blue, yellow, pink, green and salmon. Prices for the ø48 cm choker-size necklaces: €45,- The longer necklaces are yours for €65,- (FREE delivery within The Netherlands) You will receive your order in beautifull gift wrapping.

Choose Your Necklace

Just click the images above to view the necklaces up-close, and to see the style names. You can order your favorite necklace by mailing to m.berlin09@gmail or via instagram @mimiberlin_amsterdam. You can also leave a reply below and we’ll get back to you.

xoxo mimi

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Peanut Bracelet

The Peanut Bracelet NEW from Mimi Berlin Bijoux

Never out of Stock Never out of style Mimi Berlin Bijoux presents: The Peanut Bracelet

click images to enlarge

Peanut/Erdnuss/Pinda Bracelet

This bracelet is handmade in Amsterdam by Mimi Berlin Bijoux in a limited edition of 8 pieces. Ingredients are; vintage, dead-stock, leather straps and a 14K gold plated charm.

Price Order Shipping

This bracelet can be yours for only €72,50
Delivery is FREE of charge within The Netrherlands.
You will receive your order in beautifull gift wrapping.

Just leave a reply below and we’ll get back to you
xoxo Mimi


Important Bagatelles Dolls

All these Dolls and Faces are made with an assortment of plastic, like vintage Tupperware and several other household and baby products, which were discarded by someone at one point.

green music man bagatelles dolls

Music Doll

The minty green doll, Green Music Man, doubles as a music box, just pull the orange cord an you’ll hear Beethoven’s Für Elise play.

important bagatelles dolls

Swedish Face

Again, this face is made with discarded, vintage plastics, mounted on glass. It’s named the Swedish Face. Same as the other dolls the mouth is just round and open.

pink important bagatelle girl backside

Girl Doll

A.k.a. The Robot Doll, the backside, is approx 70 cm tall. She comes with the metal meat-hook. If you want the more friendly ‘pastel’ experience Mimi suggests that you use a different device to hang her onto your wall.

pink important bagatelle face

Pink Face



These dolls and faces are a small sidestep from Mimi Berlin’s ‘Important Bagatelles’ or ‘Toys for Girls’ project. A sidestep in the sense of that these aren’t abstract objects. Also they are visibly assembled and each product used by Mimi is still identifiable.

The thing is though If we make even more sidesteps, we eventually have to change these ‘sidesteps’ into the main project. We’ll deal with that later on, anyhow; all the ‘sidesteps’ are designed with discarded plastic objects like toys and household products. All gathered at our ‘garbage-treasure’ hunts.


Leggings Pierrot

Leggings Pierrot Mimi Berlin

Get your own Legging ‘Pierrot’

NOW for only €99,–

Show off your legs with these fabulous, body-con leggings, the surrealist print-style is designed for a tremendous (optical) slimming effect! Legging ‘Pierrot’ is a fun and sensible choice to wear to the gym, your yoga/pilates class or even to your salsa lessons! Aside from being functional sportswear, and maybe needless to mention;
wearing these fine leggings as a fashion item is really a fantastic option.

We’ll be posting some style-possibilities later on for your convenience.

Leggings are digitally printed with Mimi Berlin’s Giant Headed Pierrot on a black background.

Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL

These fabulous leggings are made of 4-way stretch lycra in a matte polyester and lycra  mix (82/18%) in a heavy quality, they are machine washable and produced in the UK.

Please contact us to order or for more information.
xoxo Mimi Berlin


Friendly MimiMalist Conference Badge

MimiMalist conference badge

Meeting and introducing yourself to others has never been this easy or stylish.
The ‘MimiMalist Hello Badge’ is Super Large and beige! ø 10cm with an old-school metal back!!!

Friendly MimiMalist conference badge. Large and beige! ø 10cm! €3,50


At the moment you can only order your MimiMalist Hello Badge in bulk

Please contact us via mail to order, for more information.
xoxo Mimi Berlin


Mimi Berlin’s Friendly CEO Of The Month Badge Hello/Bonjour/Hola


NEW Mimi Merchandise

Hello/Bonjour/Hola! the CEO Of The Month Badge is the newest addition to the MimiMerchandise Hall of Fame.
Have a nice day!! The CEO of the Month is very friendly!

Hello! CEO of the Month badge. NEW in Store!!!

Get Yours NOW

The ‘CEO Of The Month Badge’ is Super Large and colorful! ø 10cm with old-school metal back!!!

At the moment you can only order your MimiMalist Hello Badge in bulk

Please contact us via mail to order, for more information.
xoxo Mimi Berlin

See our Friendly MimiMalist Conference Badge HERE. It’s Super Large and beige!


Friendly MimiMalist Hello Hoodie

Mimi Berlin's Hello Hoodie

Friendly Hello Hoodie

Hello! My name is……..Meeting and greeting has never been this easy and stylish before! This SuperExtraLarge Hoodie, from the Mimimalist series, has a small Hello Print which can be customized by Mimi Berlin on request. She’ll personalize the Friendly Hello Hoodie by adding your name by hand. How much FUN is that?!


The Friendly Hello Hoodie comes in white and is printed in black.
The hoodie is huge: XXXXXL, so one size fits all easily!
This sweatshirt is made in a cotton mix (50% co/pl) and is machine washable

The Friendly Hello Hoodie can be yours for only €65,- (ex shipping)

Please contact us via mail to order, for more information or for discount bulk-orders.
xoxo Mimi Berlin

We’ll be posting some style-possibilities later on for your convenience.


MimiMalist Twin T-Shirts

Twin T-Shirts.
Braggin’ and Boasting has never been so much fun! One size fits all!

MimiMalist Twin T-shirts
MimiMalist Twin T-shirts now for only €50,-. (€30 per tee)

Print on left tee: us at mi mi berlin.
Print on right tee: we have hot cool goddly faces.

Just like Mr & Mrs J. you can order your MimiMalist Twin T-shirts now for only €50,-. (€30 per tee)

These shirts are created for Mimi Berlin’s Fashion-Fest #6


Headless Girls

History of Circus Legends: Silk Scarves

Circus Legends: Headless Girls

Mimi Berlin’s Circus legends came to life! Meet them in the photoseries by Wendelien Daan and Mimi Berlin.

Dutch Photographer Wendelien Daan and Mimi Berlin collaborated on the photo series ‘Headless Girls’. They imagined two women who used to work being a circus act in the 20th century. These “Headless Girls” meet again, after decades, at a park.

(Photocredits: Mimi Berlin/Wendelien Daan)

The images above are available in an edition of 5, pigment print, 30×45. Headless Girl 2 (signed ed 1/5) is donated by Mimi Berlin to the YIPArt photo auction 2019


Silk scarf Stallion and silk scarf Mirror Designed by Mimi Berlin, inspired by The History of Circus Legends series of statuettes.

The scarves are made in a limited edition of 50 pieces; 90 x 90 cm digitally printed on 100% silk twill with a hand rolled seam. They are sold out


Close-Up Necklaces

Mimi Merchandise
Mimi Berlin Bijoux. Close-Up necklace set.

Close-Up Necklaces, designed by Mimi Berlin Bijoux, are handmade in onyx, sweet water pearls, coral and a yellow vintage glass bead, finished with a 14kt golden locket.

Close-Up-Eyes (ø 50 cm) €350,- / Close-Up-Smile (ø 60 cm) €350,- / Close-Up-Face (set of eyes and smile) €625,-

Please send us an email to order or for more information

Tip from Mimi Berlin:
Maybe you’d like to combine these necklaces with a silk scarf?


Second Best Necklace

“Classic Pearls, but not your average necklace….”

The Second Best necklaces are designed by Mimi Berlin Bijoux and are part of the Evolutionary Extravaganza series. These faux pearl necklaces are handmade in The Netherlands with beads taken from vintage (costume) jewelry. The faux pearls, lockets, plastic, celluloid or/and glass beads etc. are all re-used materials: so every single necklace is unique.

mimi_berlin_second best necklace
mimi_berlin_second best necklace

Princess Lenght

The Second Best necklaces have a so-called Princess length, which is the second most popular length for classic pearl necklaces (ø45 cm/18″).

A Second Best Necklace can be yours for only €75,-

Please contact us via mail to order, for more information or for discount bulk-orders.
xoxo Mimi Berlin

We expect the arrival of the First Choice necklace; which is similar in design made with cultivated salt water pearls, coral and a 14 kt locket.