Important Bagatelles Dolls

All these Dolls and Faces are made with an assortment of plastic, like vintage Tupperware and several other household and baby products, which were discarded by someone at one point.

green music man bagatelles dolls

Music Doll

The minty green doll, Green Music Man, doubles as a music box, just pull the orange cord an you’ll hear Beethoven’s Für Elise play.

important bagatelles dolls

Swedish Face

Again, this face is made with discarded, vintage plastics, mounted on glass. It’s named the Swedish Face. Same as the other dolls the mouth is just round and open.

pink important bagatelle girl backside

Girl Doll

A.k.a. The Robot Doll, the backside, is approx 70 cm tall. She comes with the metal meat-hook. If you want the more friendly ‘pastel’ experience Mimi suggests that you use a different device to hang her onto your wall.

pink important bagatelle face

Pink Face



These dolls and faces are a small sidestep from Mimi Berlin’s ‘Important Bagatelles’ or ‘Toys for Girls’ project. A sidestep in the sense of that these aren’t abstract objects. Also they are visibly assembled and each product used by Mimi is still identifiable.

The thing is though If we make even more sidesteps, we eventually have to change these ‘sidesteps’ into the main project. We’ll deal with that later on, anyhow; all the ‘sidesteps’ are designed with discarded plastic objects like toys and household products. All gathered at our ‘garbage-treasure’ hunts.

Les Important Bagatelles de Mimi Berlin


The ‘Important Bagatelles de Mimi Berlin‘, or ‘Toys for Girls‘ is a series of statuettes made with (hard-)plastic in pastel colors. Unique artworks which are prototypes for dual function toys; games, puzzles, water-features, shaken idiophones, music boxes and portraits. The Toys for Girls are supposed to stimulate the human senses, so some of them can be picked-up to actually play with.


Important Bagatelles

At first site the ‘Important Bagatelles de Mimi Berlin‘ seem to be unpretentious objects, fast compositions, even trifle maybe. True; the statuettes are light in style and have a very mellow character, they are bagatelles.
The important part lies in the fact that they are carefully made as a source of stimulation, not only to stimulate basic human senses, (touch, sight, hearing, smell) but also for coding this sensory information through light, balance, movement, coordination and pressure into a state of body awareness and, ideally into lust, which is a very interesting sensation, according to Mimi Berlin. Ms Berlin thinks it’s important to find beauty in the smaller pleasures in life; like getting your basic feelings trigged.
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Powder Box Girls

Powder Box Girls

The ‘Powder Box Girls’ stand tall in their windows; flaunting bodyparts like there’s no tomorrow. Shamelessly they try to haul anyone who passes them by into their tiny rooms. Shine and glitter is all that matters in these shopwindows.
Yes, you guessed right, these girls are for sale; they work the red-light district by night.
And by night only; they are different from the other ‘scarlet women’. You must know that these girls of pleasure have dayjobs as well. Working during the day is very important to them, without these jobs they couldn’t work as prostitutes. For them society is turned upside-down. The ‘Powder Box Girls’ feel they’re going to miss out on a very big slice of life if they haven’t at least spent 5 years taking care of an other person’s sexual needs, for money. Needless to say, the Powder Box Girls (and their believes) are a just a small group of sex-workers. They fit neatly into one “building”; the ‘Fuck Flat’.

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The Powder Box Girls are a series of readymade statuettes by Mimi Berlin. Mixed media with found and collectable objects, which are treasured in acrylic cubes. In some of the cubes all the items have been left untouched entirely; no glue or other adhesives that can damage items (such as the collectable compact powder boxes or the vintagedeluxe halfdolls). All the boxes are sealed with a gold filled seal, if you break the seal, and open the box, the sculpturettes inside will fall apart. The ‘Powder Box Girls’ are part of Mimi Berlin’s ‘Fuck Flat’ series. Loosely, (and seemingly in a romantic way) based on the Red-Light District in Amsterdam, the statuettes can be seen as souvenirs as well as artworks.

Read all the short stories and see the cube-statuettes in motion. Click here.

Statuettes, stories, images (including gif’s) created by Mimi Berlin Amsterdam, 2016/2017.

The Powder Box Series was part of Mimi Berlin’s Cabinet of Short Stories.











No Harm Harem

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No Harm Harem; Veiled Animals, 2015, mixed media lace/crochet, ceramic/porcelain. various sizes.

The Story:
All female animals, with veiled faces, too many of them; looking quite similar. They all have the same story to tell as well. They are always hidden in the Harem, which is situated in a cellar, because they are so pretty and valuable. They just exist to not be broken and for being adorable. The white veils protect the females even more from harm, or so they are made to believe.

The foot of Darlene has been placed between them by Denzel the haremkeeper; to set an example for runaways.

Some of the animal-ettes have been let out of the basement though; to pose for a beauty editorial in Harper’s Bazaar, yes; they are fashionable as well.

Random Stories

Random Stories is a series of mini installations in boxes, which all tell a different tale. They are made with vintage-de-luxe statuettes which are left untouched.


Evolutionary Extravaganza

Mimi Berlin’s Evolutionary Extravaganza offers a comprehensive explanation for a broad range of observed phenomena in animal species, such as for instance the Canis Collum Longus (Doggie Longneck), born from the imagination of Mimi Berlin and created with the fascination for life in centuries gone by in mind.

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All the statuettes are unique, signed pieces and are made with vintage-de-luxe found objects. Continue reading “Evolutionary Extravaganza”

Ein Fisch…


Ich Will Ein Fisch Im Wasser Sein by Gem Kingdom & Mimi Berlin, 2014. (Assembled Bronze/1980s pressed glass/Axa Bike Lamp)

Ich Will ein Fisch im Wasser Sein is a statuette made with found objects and embellished bronze which doubles as a lamp.
It is the result of the first collaboration by the Gem Kingdom and Mimi Berlin

Ich Will ein Fisch im Wasser Sein is made by hand and can be made to order, all UNIQUE pieces. Please contact Mimi Berlin for more information.

History of Circus Legends

History of Circus Legends, a series of statuettes by Mimi Berlin SPECIALS. All assemblies are made with carefully selected vintage-de-luxe products from the 20th Century. They are unique pieces signed by Mimi Berlin. (click images for more details)

Each statuette of the History of Circus Legends series actually has a history: Read the sad history of La Jeune Marletta, Ice Skater HERE, the story of Dinky, the Headbalacer HERE, and watch Titty Trapeze at work HERE

More Circus Acts

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These circus acts are so bizarre and unbelievable they needed a statue to keep their history alive. Cry Baby, Fat Caged Pierrot, Woman in Lightbulb and Robot Clown were on show at Woth, The Hague and at Tetterode Treasures, Amsterdam, Holland.