Headless Girls

History of Circus Legends: Silk Scarves

Circus Legends: Headless Girls

Mimi Berlin’s Circus legends came to life! Meet them in the photoseries by Wendelien Daan and Mimi Berlin.

Dutch Photographer Wendelien Daan and Mimi Berlin collaborated on the photo series ‘Headless Girls’. They imagined two women who used to work being a circus act in the 20th century. These “Headless Girls” meet again, after decades, at a park.

(Photocredits: Mimi Berlin/Wendelien Daan)

The images above are available in an edition of 5, pigment print, 30×45. Headless Girl 2 (signed ed 1/5) is donated by Mimi Berlin to the YIPArt photo auction 2019


Silk scarf Stallion and silk scarf Mirror Designed by Mimi Berlin, inspired by The History of Circus Legends series of statuettes.

The scarves are made in a limited edition of 50 pieces; 90 x 90 cm digitally printed on 100% silk twill with a hand rolled seam. They are sold out