The Story of Sleeping Beauty

powder box girls sleeping beauty story

The Story of Ulli the Sleeping Beauty

This is the Sleeping Beauty, but her name is Ulli, and she’s the odd one out at the ‘Fuck Flat’. Ulli doesn’t reside in a cube. Also, this girl suffers from narcolepsy so it’s impossible for Ulli to have a dayjob. She is the only Powder Box Girl who doesn’t have two jobs. At night the customers try to wake her up by kissing her. More aggresive tactics are pulling the elastic and letting it go so it slaps hers body hard. Actually clients do everything else they can think of with the elastic straps, sometimes it’s a horrifying site! It seems like this girl knows no pain, nobody knows for sure. The mirror ensures that she’s still breathing.

Powder Box Girls

Sleeping Beauty is part of the Powder Box Girls; a series of statuettes accompanied by their own short story created by Mimi Berlin. The Powder Box Girls are girls of pleasure with double jobs. Working during the day is very important to them, oddly enough without these jobs they couldn’t work the night.

Sleeping Beauty, 2016, mixed media (1950s ceramics, celluloid, mirror, acrylic glass, elastic hairband, rubber, plastic led light) 20 x 13 cm. All items have been left untouched, no glue or any other permanent adhesives have been used.