The Story of Lady Dice

powder box girls lady dice

The Story of Debby a.k.a. Lady Dice

Lady Dice, but her name is Debby, earns her living with gambling in the daytime; hence the nickname ‘Dice’. At her night-time job Debby is very populair with the clients, she gets the most tips. She thinks that’s a blessing, but it’s not. Yes you guessed right: Debby’s Tips are being swallowed at the crap table every day. Debby’s daytime addiction is a hindrance for her night-time colleagues; nobody knows for sure if she will be present and an empty space is bad for business. Up till now they organized 2 interventions but Lady Dice has missed 7 shifts already, compromising her position at the ‘Fuck Flat’ heavily.

Powder Box Girls

Lady Dice is part of the Powder Box Girls; a series of statuettes accompanied by their own short story created by Mimi Berlin. The Powder Box Girls are girls of pleasure with double jobs. Working during the day is very important to them, oddly enough without these jobs they couldn’t work the night.

Lady Dice, 2016, Mixed media (acrylic cube, 1920s/1930s porcelain halfdoll, $1 bill, 1950s compact powder box) 9 x 9 cm. All collectable items have been left untouched. If you open the gold filled seal this sculpturette will fall apart.