Stripper Pole Dancer Sella: Her Story

powder box girls stripperpole

The Story of Sella the Stripper Pole Dancer

This is Sella, a.k.a. ‘La Giraffa’ she is a fashion model by day. At night Sella works as a striptease dancer, specialized in spinning the dancing pole. From the day she was born she was most known for her remarkable legs; they were sooooo long that they earned her the nickname ‘La Giraffa”. Her mother always needed to add 25 cm of fabric lenght to her clothes so they would fit properly. Sella’s mom did so until the girl was 12 years of age, then she grew tired of it and Sella only wore mini-skirts and 3/4 pants by then. Needless to say; bare legs are a normal thing for Sella, and she has no problems flaunting them at all.

Stripper Pole, 2016, Mixed media (acrylic cube, 1920/30s etched glass, porcelain legs marked “Deutschland”, 1960s metal compact powder box) 9 x 9 cm. All collectable items have been left untouched. If you open the gold filled seal this sculpturette will fall apart.

Powder Box Girls

Stripper Pole is part of the Powder Box Girls; a series of statuettes accompanied by their own short story created by Mimi Berlin. The Powder Box Girls are girls of pleasure with double jobs. Working during the day is very important to them, oddly enough without these jobs they couldn’t work the night.