The story of Dinky the Head Balancer

Dinky, Headbalancer, (neé ? a Deaf Albino Rabbit)

Dinky was a pet bunny owned by The LaMothe Trio, circus performers and brothers with a head and hand balancing act.(1) Dinky was born an albino and was deaf to both ears. The brothers didn’t eat him like they usually did with animals, no, nothing but good fortune came to Dinky througout his life!
The LaMothe brothers concealed his dissability, or rather made the most out of it, by covering Dinky’s ears with pink jars (matching his red eyes). These jars enabled Dinky to stand on his ears for hours. This was the way he made himself useful; balancing upside down during the entire, ten minute, act of the LaMonte Trio. This unknown but legendary rabbit was almost a mini sideshow by himself.

Billboard 22 September, 1906